St. Catherine Labouré Parish

W&E Baum designed and created three separate and distinct complimentary walls for Saint Catherine Labouré Parish located in Harrisburg, PA. The church was established in 1948 and is the first parish in the world dedicated to St. Catherine Labouré who was canonized in 1947. The parish started out with 900 people and today has grown into more than 7,000 parishioners. St. Catherine Labouré Parish recruited the help of Baum’s expertise to create memorial, legacy/history, and honoree walls for their church. W&E Baum’s team traveled to Pennsylvania to meet with the parish staff to discuss the three concepts and to study the church’s interior for inspiration.  

The three different yet cohesive walls were designed and created at the same time. The memorial wall consists of five – 30” frosted acrylic panels with printed inscriptions. The frosted panels float in front of a 40” printed blue acrylic wave background. Wave shaped satin aluminum bars accent the wall. The legacy/history wall consists of various sized glass plaques with printed copy and images mounted to aluminum backers. The plaques float above a 66” x 133” blue printed acrylic wave background. Wave shaped satin aluminum bars accent the wall. The honoree wall is comprised of wave shaped acrylic plaques with printed inscriptions and color on the backs. To help differentiate between the original visionary donors and the new donors, the original donors have white backgrounds with blue copy while the new donors have blue backgrounds with white text.  Wave shaped satin aluminum bars accent the plaques. Individual aluminum letters complete the honoree wall.

Baum’s installation team traveled to Harrisburg, PA to install the three walls. The installation took two days and was completed in time for the church’s dedication ceremony.

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